Photographs and Vegan recipes









A week of new things.

A new print from my brother, he has a darkroom in the attic and prints the loveliest photographs.

I made a new necklace from polymer clay and stained glass.

Late night sewing, Im making a Kimono from my new Liberty sewing book.

A new arrangement for our house plants. They can’t wait to get out in the sun.

Delicious coffee with Vince followed by an equally delicious brunch at a new restaurant in town.

New beadboard in the kitchen and lights from Ikea.

Making progress on my quilt, but Im not liking the color of the fabric, it needs more saturated blues and reds.

The most delicious vegetarian meal form 101 Cook Books.  So yummy!

I have been reading this “Intimate Chanel” and watching “L’Amour Fou”, and “The Eye Has to Travel” and loving this blog.

I hope you have an amazing week!

Hand Crafting









The light is changing in the house, spring light I call it, winsome bright light the kind that makes for good photographs.  This morning after doing a bit of cleaning I took some photos of a few projects I started this weekend.  The first is a knitting project, Hayward from Brooklyn Tweed using BT Loft.  The next project is a small quilted throw made of hexagons.  Vincent helped me draw out the geometric cardboard pattern template and it was very quick to cut the fabric and sew around the template.  The third project is an Alabama Chanin design of a tunic.

These projects should keep me busy for the next few weeks and give me some lovely things to wear for spring, whenever she decides to rear her lovely head.

Winter musings












We took a little walk this morning after drinking some strong coffee from our French press, we saw mounds of ice everywhere, snow still blankets lawns and back yards, trees still bare. We are hoping for spring to give us a sign she will soon be here.  Old man winter has outstayed his welcome.

I’ve become smitten with this lovely lady’s designs, my sister gave me two of her books as a Christmas present.  I chose to make a bolero and a long red skirt all sewn by hand. The book “Elegant Stitches” is a wonderful book if you have any hand sewing in your future.  It took me a week to my bolero and skirt. Well worth the effort!

The photo of the bolero was waken early one morning just after a snow storm, the sun was just right shining on my new hand sewn garment. Pink top stitching! The skirt is just as lovely and comfortable as the bolero,  Both pieces are made of cotton jersey from Alabama Chanin, where you can also get hand sewing kits for your projects.

I keep a wooden bowl filled with my new supplies for hand sewing, new scissors, button thread, cool little beads and sequins for my next project. Other hand sewing tools are in my mums vintage sewing box which was dug out of an old trunk in the basement. My new obsession is vintage hand sewing tools. Look out eBay!

Oh, have your seen “The Fall” with Gillian Anderson?  I watched it while sewing and look forward to season 2.

Waiting for spring





Nightstand books



In the cottage waiting for the weather to change, looking for signs of spring. Valentines day came and went, pink roses and pink drinks with my love then more snow, ice and cold freezing days.

Working on my little illustrations occupy cold nights, along with sewing.  I made a top from a 1945 pattern and adore it.

Starting a new knitting project soon something to keep my hands busy while watching House of Cards and binging on Call the Midwife via Netflix.

Work is busy, the semester is almost over and will have a week off for spring break, time used for carving out my list.

My “To Do” list for spring is growing, redecorating the bedroom, kitchen and living room.  Furniture for our new porch, so much to do.

Im glad to be here on this blog, there is so much I want to share with you.